How to Taking Care of the Earbuds Properly

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With many people, they must use the earphones a lot of hours a day. So they are willing to buy the best earbuds. They think that the good quality one will last the time use. It is not right totally in all cases. My case is a typical example. Now I am using the wireless one. This price is not expensive because my budget is not large to invest the good quality. However, I am very satisfied to use this device. My device gives me the versatility and flexibility. After 4 years to use, the wireless earphones still use very well because I have the good tips to care for them. If you want your earphone to work in a long time you should know how to take care of the earbuds properly. It is a really necessary thing. To help you have more experience to protect this device, I will share some basic ways to taking care of your earbuds in the following article.

Remembering 5 Tips to Caring for the Earbuds

Normally, all technical products will be broken if you use improperly or do not know how to care them. Each product must be applied the different care. Therefore, you can look at 5 tips below to protect the device very good. Here are my suggestions to caring for this device.

  1. Quality Goes Hand in Price

There are the mistakes of many people. They do not need to spend more than 100 dollars to buy the good earphones. The target using the earbuds of each person is different. So someone thinks that with 50 dollars or under 40 dollars, they can own a pair of the earbuds. But you should remember that the cheaper earphones will tend to break very easy. In the short run, you can save your money when buying a cheap one. However, in the long run, a cheap pair will be damaged quickly. At this time, you will invest the new device. Ultimately, you still spend a large of the amount but you only own a cheap earphone with the low quality. Thus, people said that quality will go hand in price.

Through this explanation, you should consider your budget to select the earphones. You do not pick the best pairs but you should not choose too cheap price for your earphones. This will make you face with the poor quality device.

  1. Bad Habit to Wrap The Earbuds’ Cable Regularly

Should give up the habit to wrap the cable around the device soon

You should give up the habit to wrap the cable of your earphones. Normally, after using you will store your earphones neatly. Most of the users will wrap the cable around the iPod. Over time, this will damage the structure of the earbuds’ cable. It is bent in the awkward positions. Of course, it will affect the sound of your device seriously. You will feel uncomfortable to enjoy the tunes on this device. Therefore, this bad habit should not maintain anymore.

  1. Clean The Earbuds

You wear the earbuds in your ear. It is always clean. It is wrong. Normally, after a long time using this device, some ear debris will mess the circuity inside. Thus, you must clean the buds frequently. In this case, you will use a needle to take out dirt. In addition, you also need to have a wet cotton ball to wipe around the edges as well as the interior of the buds. This will remove the contaminants in your earbuds. Finally, clean some buds will bring the better sounds for the device.

  1. Clean Your Ears

To help your buds in the clean condition, you should clean your ears too. When you use the earphones, this device will be put in your ears in a lot of hours. The ear wax can infiltrate into the buds easily. So cleaning your ears also contribute to protecting your earbuds significantly.

  1. Store in The Right Way

Storing the earphone in the small plastic box

Because most of the earbuds have a small size this is very convenient to many users. They can bring them in your travel. Many people can keep in their pocket if they are the wireless earbuds. Or a small compartment of the bag is an ideal location to store your device. But all of these storages are not a suitable place for your earphones. Instead, you should buy a small plastic box. It is a clean environment to put your device when you do not use them.  This place can prevent dirt and dust for the earbuds.

Some Things Never Do with Your Earbuds

Besides, you have some ways to caring for the device. You also keep in mind some things which you never do with it. Combining them each other is the best method to take care of your earphones in the right way.

  • Firstly, you never turn up the volume too high. This is not only to cause the damage speakers of the earphones but also to cause the hearing loss for the users;
  • Additionally, you should not let the earphones get wet. Some special designs of the earphones can damage the electric components. In some careless cases, your earbuds get wet. You have to put them in a rice container. The rice will absorb the moisture very good. Therefore, it can improve the serious damage for your device.
  • Beyond that, you do not share your earphones with others. Actually, you do not know someone who can care for your device or not. Moreover, all headphones are designed to be used personally. There are a lot of risks because of the pathogenic microbes.

Never share the earphones with others

In conclusion, taking care of the earbuds will become easier after you read this writing. You will know what you should do and what you never do with your device. Applying two methods help you take care of the earbuds properly. I believe that you can get the useful knowledge to protect your earphones. Besides, you will have a pair of earbuds with a long life. Caring for them means you are saving your money effectively. Moreover, you can enjoy the clean tunes from the earphones. It is a great feeling to listening.