What is Audiophile? Does is have any special relations to the modern devices in our world of sound nowadays? Many people don’t really know its meaning. That’s why today this article will show you the real meaning of Audiophile.

I’m not a complicated person that’s why I will go directly to this problem. Of course I never want to mess up the definition of Audiophile and make this topic complicated and unclear. However, it has been a question for many people every day, every hour with dozens of questions when decided to select best over the ear headphones for working out.

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Definitions of Audiophile or Musicphile

No need to explain too much about this. Basically, Audiophile is a combination of Audio and phile or people who has a deep passion for music. Similar to Audiophile, Musicphile refers to people who love music as their cup of tea.

Do you know what does “phile” mean? Phile or phi, phillia, philic are common suffixes used to describe attraction, love or special obsession to something or someone. This suffix was from Philia – 1 of 4 Greece words that means love (others are eros, storge and agape).

The world of audio is very charming and complicated, therefore to find the best things for each individual, music players have to indicate themselves a certain style: he or she must know that which genres are the best for himself or herself.

In modern life, Audiophile is the term used to describe people who are in deeply love with music. Not only wise and interested in music, Audiophiles are also experts who always struggle and hunger for new ways to find out and complete their collection of sound device so as to make it perfect and flawless. That’s how they can satisfy their hobby. From a college professor to a worker who has to earn their living days to days, from a normal office worker to a driver – everyone can be an Audiophile, as long as they can show their love for music and sounds.

A decade ago till now, with the development of technology and economy, the world of Audiophiles expanded all over the world regardless of age, job… Gathering somewhere at weekends, they have many things to share, to learn and comment about good vinyl records, nice performances, new techniques or just the best bluetooth headphones they’ve bought from a local stores and want to share to their buddies.

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Everyone has to learn from the basics…

Most of Audiophiles begin with this from the passion when they were young. At that time, somebody just had the job and still had to think of their lives and their family so that they don’t have enough budgets to satisfy the love of music. However, with the undeniable beauty of music, those young guys still tried their best to make their dreams come true with just a second – hand low price music player just to play their beloved songs. To them, it was already a breakthrough to enter the fantasy world of music. They enjoy the music with their pure and touching souls, just like that.

They didn’t know much and didn’t care much about the real quality of the sound systems; therefore they just had a look at the commercial and bought them for sure without thinking too much about the products. They admired the words of advertisements like sound system with 6 mini speakers, thousands of watt productivity with 20 buttons for frequency changing (?)… Then there went the time, their experiences about music devices made them experts so they need a total upgrade for their collections. This is the time for much more investment for their real styles in playing music.

…How to make the differences

The world of audio is just like a fantasy land of imagination. You can do whatever you want with no limitations. So each Audiophile needs to know what to do with his or her collection and how he or she likes to listen to. You should answer some questions like: Which types of music are the best for you? You want to hear them out loud or just in normal volume? Real sounds or sounds with effects? From the answers, you can do your investment effectively and have your own opinion when seeing numerous of commercials from manufacturers and sellers.

If you don’t have your skill and spirit and don’t know what you need exactly, you might lose your money for… nothing. I’ve seen many people traded and sold their headphones, their speakers and amplifiers many times but still can’t find what they need. Each time like that, they have to add some money for the stores and people often call that “money for dumps”. Everyone has to lose some money to get smarter.

Actually, old and new sound devices on the market have their own reasons to exist. Manufacturers make them for their revenue, but how you decide to buy them is your right. Never trust the commercials, have your own opinions and ask for experiences from expert Audiophiles, that’s the shortest way to make you an Audiophile.